Our Expertise

Beacon Scientific's team of technical experts have extensive knowledge and experience in many areas enabling us to assist you with the investigation of accidents, product failures, construction defects, fires, or misuse that has led to personal injury or property damage.  We can also assist in all intellectual property matters related to these fields. The list below provides only a glimpse into our range of expertise.  Please contact us with your specific requirements.

Accident Reconstruction

Codes and Standards

Construction Equipment


Evidence Collection and Storage

Experimental Test and Validation

Explosion Investigations

Failure Analysis

Fire Origin and Cause

Forensic Engineering

Harsh Environment Design

Intellectual Property

Lightning Damage

Machine Guarding

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Marine Vessels

Material Properties

Mechanical Engineering and Design

Mechanical Power Transmission

Mechanical Systems Design and Analysis

Physics and Dynamics Analysis

Premise Liability

Pressure Vessels and Plumbing

Product Design and Testing

Product Liability

Quality Control Systems

Stress and Strain Analysis

Vehicle Fire Investigation

Vibration Analysis

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