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  • 3-D Laser Scanning

  • Drone Photography

  • Passenger Vehicle EDR Imaging

  • Heavy Truck ECM Imaging

  • Damage Analysis

  • Investigation

  • Product Testing

  • Product Research

  • Evidence Storage

  • Laboratory Examination

  • X-Ray 


At Beacon Scientific, we believe that communication and trust are the core components of every engagement. When involved in a matter from its early stages, we work with our clients to identify parties or issues that may have been overlooked and to help develop discovery strategies from the technical side.  This ensures that interrogatories and depositions are as probative as possible.

We develop a rhythm with clients based on their preference for communication. Some clients prefer notification of any development while others only want the final report. We take great care to satisfy preferences of that kind throughout the hypothesis development and testing phase of the engagement. 

Once the written report is finalized, Engineers with Beacon Scientific are trained and experienced in deposition and trial testimony. In addition, they work with collaboratively with clients to determine the best avenues to challenge experts on the opposing side. 

The chart below describes the major steps involved in most cases. The facts and proceedings may allow for some to be skipped or in other cases, there may be multiple iterations through one or more steps, but an engagement generally follows this roadmap. By operating within this structure, we are able to maximize efficiencies and perform each step with an eye toward the next.

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