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Inspections and Meetings Modernized

Our engineers have engaged in countless lab exams in the course of their careers and in that time have gained valuable insight into what works and what does not.

We have used that knowledge to design space and resources to optimize the exam and meeting experience, resulting in a stronger work product for all parties. We firmly believe that a comfortable and collaborative environment with the right tools and equipment available allows us to do our work at the highest level.

For example, we internally developed and built a custom data acquisition system that allows us to capture electronic data from a wide range of sensors and measurement devices simultaneously. Equipment is calibrated on a regular schedule and analog devices are available to confirm the data being acquired. We invested in this system to save time and increase the efficiency of gathering and quality of data gathered. It has paid dividends in multiple applications and we are always excited to find new ways to use it!

We also recently upgraded our communications system to improve the experience of remote attendees to meetings or inspections. We have a mobile setup that includes 2 cameras (one for a macro view of the overall activity and the other for close-up work as desired), a high quality monodirectional microphone, and a 48" monitor that allows remote participants to be easily seen and heard. There is no replacement for having the opportunity to put one's hands on an item but we have built our setup to give remote attendees the closest thing possible and to fully participate in the exam.

We have made these and other investments in our on-site capacities to save time and money associated with off-site travel, which provides benefits for our clients. While it has benefits for us, attendees have been happy as well. We are very conveniently located close to BWI airport with many nearby hotels available. The warmer months are also a great time to spend a little extra time in town, taking in the maritime pleasures of Annapolis or the national treasures found in Washington, DC.


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