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Gators and Swamp Things

On a recent site inspection in Alabama, George Saunders was confronted with a challenging site. An incident had occurred deep in the Bayou and the only way to access it was boat. On approach of the site, a few inhabitants said hello, including alligators like the one pictured to the right. This one was not too large but local experts stated that the big ones are never far away.

Unfortunately, on the day of the inspection, water levels were high and the boat could not get to shore. George and the others were forced to wade through approximately 15 yards of tall grasses and muck. At one point, George sunk in so deeply that he had no choice but to go down on all fours to continue his forward motion back to the boat. The dedication and sacrifice can be seen below. George and the rest of the Beacon team will do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of any investigation. Getting dirty is just part of a normal day at our office.


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