About Us

Beacon Scientific was formed in 2012 to perform engineering consultant services for clients in legal and non-legal industries.  Beacon Scientific and all of its employees believe in honesty, integrity, and objective opinions and analysis. Our experts let the facts and data lead to the development of our opinions and conclusions.  

Our experts are pulled from engineers with real-world engineering experience in government and industry fields. Our engineers can rely on this experience, in addition to their training, to provide a broad knowledge and experience base.  Our multi-disciplinary focus allows us to consider all aspects of a problem and to pull in the greatest breadth of analysis.

We have over 65 years of practical engineering and physics experience supporting many different industries. Our experts have worked on over 500 projects ranging from small insurance claims to multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts.  Our clients include small and large law firms, insurance companies, companies and individuals.  

Beacon Scientific has also developed a rich network of affiliated experts, research laboratories, testing facilities, and universities from which we can pull additional resources when necessary.   Our affiliated experts include those in the fields of structural, civil, electrical, materials, and mechanical engineering.  

Most importantly, we pride ourselves on building relationships with our clients by providing accurate and supportable information and data at competitive rates and in a timely manner.  We fundamentally believe that the best marketing tool is a job well done, and we strive every day to deliver on that goal.